Adventure Tours in Asia

Indochina Travel pioneered the first adventure tours in Asia in 1994, organizing bicycle tours, kayaking, and trekking into newly-opened Indochina through our adventure wing, VeloAsia. Since then, we have had over 20 years experience organizing extreme adventure trips for small groups of friends and adventurers, leisurely family trips for children of all ages, to unique trips such as our Iron Chef Vietnam culinary cycling tour.

Come bike and canoe with us in Inle Lake, glide in tandem kayaks on Halong Bay, try traditional archery in Bhutan, visit an elephant camp along the Mekong in Northern Laos, scuba dive off Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand, take the kids on night safari Indiana Jones' style among the temples of Angkor in Cambodia, zip line through a gibbon habitat in the jungles of Northern Thailand, float by hot air balloon over the temples of Bagan

Cycling Tours

We wrote the book on cycling trips in Vietnam, organizing the very first tours there in 1993, then pioneering trips in Cambodia, Laos (below), and Myanmar. Of course, we also arrange cycling in more established places such as Thailand and China, particularly in the stunning karst pockets in the Yunnan province.

Cycling Laos

There aren't many places in the world as stunning than the sublime landscapes of Northern Laos. From the Vietnamese border near Vieng Xai all the way to Luang Prabang are some of Asia's most picturesque and unpopulated places (below). From short trips in and around Luang Prabang, combined with boating, kayaking and trekking, to one week tours from Vietnam.

Cycling Vietnam

We organized the very first cycling tours of Vietnam in 1993 under our adventure wing, VeloAsia (read Escape Magazine's Biking to Boomtown in Ho Chi Minh City 1994 article on VeloAsia).

Family Adventures

We delight in delighting children. Southeast Asia, in particular, provides unparalleled thrills for children of all ages. Our past family favorites are elephant trekking in Northern Laos, kayaking on sublime Halong Bay, cycling the Mekong and Red River deltas of Vietnam, soaring by balloon over the Bagan plain in Myanmar, trekking into hilltribe villages around Inle Lake, including the famous "long necks" whose woman wear brass rings to elongate their necks, scuba diving in the emerald waters off Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand.


Halong Bay is the geographic highlight of Asia, the karst wonderland best viewed up close from a kayak on the placid wates which are perfect for beginners. After hours paddling on Halong, join your onboard chef to learn the fine art of fruit and vegetable carving. Other remarkable places for paddling include the renowned marine parks of Southern Thailand, canoeing in Inle Lake in Myanmar's Shan State, and secret tributaries of the Mekong River we know of north of Laung Prabang.


From Sapa in the Tonkinese Alps, Kalaw in the Shan State, along the Nam Ou river in Northern Laos and in remote Yunnan, there are still untouched, picturesque places in Asia offering leisurely to serious multi-week treks.

Elephant Trekking

Encounter enchanting Asian elephants at camps within Thailand and Laos for a once in a lifetime journey with these gentle giants. In northern Thailand’s lush jungle setting, make friends with the elephants as you learn about the care of and to drive your very own elephant, trekking through lush jungle landscapes.

Borneo Wildlife

No matter where you have traveled, you have never been anywhere quite like Borneo. The third largest island in the world has become best known for its Orang-Utans, the most charming and gentle primate in the animal kingdom and a hotspot of eco-tourism. Here are the oldest, undisturbed rainforest on the planet, rare wildlife in abundance, world class beaches and snorkeling, and one of the most diverse cultures in the world. Adventure abounds on this trip through the jungles of Borneo, traveling by traditional longtail boat, visit tribal longhouses, overnight in jungle lodges amidst the lush foliage and riverways, hike through canopied jungle, witness pygmy elephants, proboscis monkeys and rhinos in their natural habitat, enjoy lazy days on idyllic beaches, dive the spectacular South China Sea and spend time with indigenous tribes getting to know their ancient cultures. And that’s before you’ve even caught a glimpse of the Pongo pygmaeus, better known as the orang-utan – Malay for “man of the forest” and the star attraction of any Borneo holiday. On Borneo, the people of of Sabah and Sarawak share a total of over 150 dialects and a huge variety of religions, and traveling through this region will also expose you to these varied cultures.

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