China : The Middle Kingdom

China compels and confounds—the world's oldest civilization is a breathtaking journey of rustic ruins and hyper-modern cities. Astonish to armies of stone warriors, water towns untouched for centuries, snowy Himalayan peaks, vaulting rice paddies, and the most advanced commercial economy on the planet.

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The Great wall of China

Beijing is a mishmash of cultures over centuries, the modern with the ancient on streets that always inspire. Dotted around the center you'll find some of the world's most iconic sights, unmissable odes to imperial rule including the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, and Tiananmen Square. Labyrinth of old lanes, or hutongs, transport you into a city from the past. The Great Wall of China is within easy day-trip reach of the capital city. Monuments from a more modern era are also here, the city alive with innovative architecture and a fast-paced rhythm that's instantly inviting. Abundant in iconic sights and exotic cultural attaractions, Beijing is China's premier destination.


Terra cotta warriors xian, China

Xi'an and the surrounding area is a treasure trove of history, the place where the drama of past civilizations continues to dominate. From the Terracotta Warriors to the cute streets of Pingyao, this area of Central China covers some of the country's most sublime and surreal attractions. It's old-world China in its unadulterated glory: temples, ancient capitals, grottos, the remnants of forgotten dynasties, all made real by the expert knowledge of trusted guides. Xi'an was the Chinese capital through 13 dynasties and exemplars of medieval wealth are everywhere. A walk on the city walls are a great introduction to the city and we know some lovely historical


Aerial view of Shanghai

In many ways, Shanghai can feel like China in a nutshell, hurtling into the future yet continuing to honor its past. So many centuries come together in this huge coastal city; the shimmering skyscrapers of Pudong, the old-world colonial elegance of The Bund, wooden houses and Chinese history in the Old City. With its museums and markets, suburbs and surreal towers, Shanghai is always a colorful experience. We think it's a city that's best explored through its nooks and crannies, discovered in the places that connect past and present. There's also a lot to discover in the surroundings, on day trips to canal-dominated cities and overnight stays in delightful historic towns; we've always loved how these surroundings have stayed blissfully clear of the tourist trail.


Giant pandas at Chengdu, China

Hong Kong's skyscrapers stand above narrow streets of tradition, the former British colony an alluring mix of the West and the East. Some parts are irrevocably Chinese, yet it's obvious that you've crossed a frontier when arriving from mainland China. Certain Hong Kong experiences are unmissable, like watching the skyline light up from the promenade, wandering through vibrant markets, or standing on the summit of Victoria Peak. Hong Kong is actually a series of islands and many of them offer a chance of pace from the colorful chaos, with village-cum- harbors and temples. It's an enclave that can be seen from so many angles; our private China tours connect you with the locals, helping to reveal the often unseen side of both the city and its surroundings, from delectable dim sum restaurants to locals' favorites hidden on the streets.


Naxi flutist in Lijiang, China

Evocative and enchanting, giant pandas are one of the great symbols of China. They're easiest to see at the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base in Chengdu, a lovable city in the southwest of the country. Close by you'll find a 100-meter Buddha carved into the mountain, dozens of temples and ornamental old towns, and some fiery Szechuan cuisine. This is also one gateway for a journey into the Himalayas and Tibet, where nature takes over and you're quickly engulfed by the beauty of an alternative culture. Good flight and rail connections mean you can see Chengdu and the pandas in just one or two days, but you might want a little more time given the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in the city.


Li river of China

The mighty Yangtze River, lifeblood of China, connection to the past and the future. Villages still cling to the banks, delightful in their evocations of a lost time. The Three Gorges Dam stands majestic, so impressive in its scope and scale. Cities and sights along the river showcase local culture in all its forms. And a Yangtze River cruise provides a window onto this heart of China, two to four days that's also a tranquil break from the rush of travel. A multi-day cruise is both a great way to experience China, and an easy way to escape the country. Just sit back and watch it all unfold along the riverbank.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong junk boat tour

Hong Kong is at once one of the world's most historic cities yet also a quintessential modern Asian metropolis. Known as the gateway between the East and West, Hong Kong ranks among the world's most dynamic international capitals. Known for its hyper efficiency, world-class shopping, rigorous arts scene, and avant garde dining this busy city is inhabited by over seven million of China's most cosmopolitan people who live in an area that's similar to in culture, but just a quarter the size of New York City. A convenient gateway, combine a short stopover en route to China, Vietnam, Thailand or Japan.


Monk in Lhasa, Tibet

Soar over the stunning Tibetan Plateau into Lhasa to arrive at the "Roof of the World". Lhasa literally means "place of the gods," is situated at over 12,000 feet elevation on the northern slopes of the Himalayas under a glorious sun set against a dark blue sky, bright white clouds, and desolate mountains which have earned Lhasa the nickname "The City of Sunlight." Over 1,300 years old, it sits in a valley on the Lhasa River and is the highest region on Earth. Explore one of the world's most unique and spiritual cultures and iconic sites, including the Potola Palace.

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