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Planning your trip to Asia should begin with a quick glance at weather conditions (below) for your period of travel and also availability during peak travel seasons. Some destinations, such as in Japan, hotels often fill up to a year in advance while other places, Thailand and Vietnam, typically have more availability. Using miles for your international flights? Mileage programs open seats up a nine months to a year in advance and fill a limited amount of business class seats very quickly.

With us, planning your trip to Asia will be a clear and efficient process. We've organized trips for over two decades and not only simply arrange trips, but will spend time with you to determine the places, experiences, and sightseeing that best match expectations for your trip.


If you plan on using miles for your international flights be aware mileage programs open seats up a nine months to a year in advance and fill a limited amount of business class seats open to Asia typically very quickly. We obtain competitive pricing on international air and can assist with any flight options.


"Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get" observed Mark Twain. Much of Asia's weather is subject to a monsoon season, which along with extreme heat in some places during the year should dictate an ideal window to travel. Typically, the best times to travel in Asia are during late winter months and Spring, although Fall harvest season can be pleasant as well in some areas, such as Sapa. Please scroll over our weather chart below to learn more about optimal times for travel in various destinations.

Location Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
North Vietnam
Hanoi & Halong Bay
Central Vietnam
Hue & Hoi An
South Vietnam
Phu Quoc
Golden Triangle
Koh Samui
Myanmar (Burma)
Hakone (Mount Fuji)
Hong Kong

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When to travel? High Season & Lunar New Year Airlines Availability

With limited infrastructure and international flight arrivals into Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, hotels and preferred airline routes begin to fill by mid to late August for high season (December through March). International flights are the best value over the summer period for high season travel but go up dramatically in price the few months before combined with limited availability. For mid- to late-December travel dates, hotels and airlines are often full by mid-September. The lunar new year period, every January or February, is an exceptionally busy travel period within high season for returning Chinese and Vietnamese families and hotels and regional flights will book far in advance.

Where to go? Popular destinations and others the road less traveled

Annual Visitors to Countries in Asia

Countries in Asia, annual visitors by country are listed below. These numbers reflect modern and long-popular places, like China and Thailand, with upcoming places like Laos, Myanmar, and of course, Bhutan—everyone's favorite off-the-grid destination.

Bhutan - 0.2 million
Cambodia - 2.6 million
China - 55 million
Hong Hong - 27 million
India - 8.9 million
Indonesia - 6.5 million
Japan - 19.7 million
Laos - 1.1 million
Malaysia - 6.5 million
Myanmar - 2.9 million
Philippines - 4.8 million
Singapore - 9.4 million
Sri Lanka - 1.45 million
Taiwan - 10.4
Thailand - 24.3 million
Tibet - 2.9 million*
Viet Nam - 6.6 million

*est., exact figures unknown

Number of McDonalds

With a nod to the Economist Big Mac Index, which tracks the cost of the iconic burger across the globe as an ironic gauge of currency valuation, we list the number of McDonalds as an approximation of a country's level of development, and perhaps protection of traditional culture. Simply, more McDonalds = more developed and perhaps more Western.

Bhutan - 0
China - 2,565
Cambodia - 0
Hong Kong - 237
India - 290
Indonesia - 228
Japan - 2,975
Laos - 0
Malaysia - 312
Myanmar - 0
Philippines - 425
Singapore - 136
South Korea - 450
Sri Lanka - 7
Taiwan - 413
Thailand - 254
Tibet - 0
Vietnam - 17 (Ho Chi Minh City)

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