Japan Family Trips

Japan with the kids—no other destination in the world is as safe, polite, punctual and as fascinating as Japan, making it an easy and reliable destination for families with children of all ages (and the perfect first destination to visit in Asia). From our over 20 year's experience, we know a unique mix of places and activities that will keep children, teens and young adults excited and engaged. Explore some of these recommended places, things to do, and example itineraries below to spark your imagination. All of our trips are custom, private ones, combining our experienced recommendations for your children's ages along with your specific preferences.

Japan Family Trip Ideas

Cooking class on Halong Bay, japan

Classic Japan Family Trip
Few places enthralls or excites the imagination like Japan. Enjoy a worry free family trip with unique adventures, fascinating encounters, and places that keep children and teens engaged and curious. All under the watchful eye of an experienced and dedicated local tour manager with guides that have over a decade of experience with children.

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Cosplay characters posing in Den Den Town sidewalk, Osaka

Exploring Otaku Culture
Japan's teen culture is legendary, popular for decades with not only teens, but also adults around the world. Explore the entertaining facets of otaku, but also other interests your family has, from Ghibli to geisha, samurai and ninja, sumo and baseball, robots and video parlors, manga and anime, along with delightful activities for children of all ages.

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Sumos battle in Toyko match

Baseball, Sumo, & Kabuki
Few baseball parks and games are as thrilling as a Giants game in the Tokyo Dome to the beating of drums, flag waving, singing and rumbling of fans! Take in a sumo match, or visit a sumo gym, enjoy a Geisha dance performance, watch a live ninja performance, explore Tokyo Disney, or the National Science Museum to see talking robots.

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Saigō Takamori, the last Samurai of Japan

Highlights of Feudal Japan
Almost everyone's most vivid impressions of Japan derive from the Edo period of Japan, an era of Samurais, Sumos, massive castles, imperial palaces and a "renaissance period" during which almost all popular art forms still popular today were created. Explore historical sites from the country's most exciting period, canvasing Kanazawa, Takayama, Himeji Castle, Nara, Nikko, Gion and more.

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Family cycling tour of Tokyo

Walk, Bike, Trek and Hike with the kids
Cycle quiet and untouristed Tango Peninsula, pedaling through small towns while staying at traditional ryokan. Trek parts of pilgrimage trails through sacred mountain forests. Hike the scenic Japanese Alps exploring the country's highest peaks and cycle it's ancient villages. Explore Tokyo and Kyoto by bicycle—safe and enjoyable for all ages—and enjoying destinations by foot on our walking itineraries.

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Pilgrims along the Kumano Kodo trail in Japan.

Escape into Japan's Natural Splendors
Enjoy the best of Tokyo and Kyoto away from the crowds, but also longer time in the beauty and tranquility of Japan's less-visited mountain villages, ancient forests, lush river valleys, remote coastlines, and untouched islands, staying in rustic traditional inns and relaxing in natural outdoor hot springs.

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Child feeding koi fish in pond at Four Seasons in Kyoto, Japan

Japan With Kids
Newer resorts from Aman, the Four Seasons, and in others in recent years have raised the bar for luxury travel in Japan, with spacious, tranquil grounds and organized activities for children, including origami, cooking, crafts, and plenty of games and puzzles to keep children occupied between sightseeing jaunts.

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Family on cycling tour in Tango Peninsula, Japan

Japan on two wheels
We've been organizing family cycling trips in Japan for over 20 years for kids of all ages. Enjoy cycling in places along the way, even in Tokyo and Kyoto, or longer biking trips in some of Japan's most beautiful areas, including the Tango Peninsula, Kyushu Coastline, and the wildlife island, Yakushima.

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Meeting a geisha in Japan

Traditions, Rituals, and Practice
Immerse into the finer traditions of Japanese culture. Learn "the way of tea," during a private tea ceremony in a traditional tea house. Explore sublime rituals such as those of Japanese Zen Buddhism as the guest of monks at their monastery, learning about their lives and the practice of meditation. Witness the remarkable lives of geisha in Kyoto, learning about their traditions and training. Visit an 8th generation pottery studio to learn about their fine craftsmanship. These are only a few of many experiences we can arrange for your family.

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Family petting elephant in Luang Prabang, Laos

Japan with Vietnam, Angkor & Thailand
Extend your Japan trip with adventures in Southeast Asia. Over three to four weeks, visit the vibrant capital of Hanoi, charming historic towns Hue and Hoi An on Vietnam's central coast, the magnificent temples of Angkor, bustling Bangkok, and at trip's end, savoring tropical paradise on the Thai Islands. With staff in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, you and your family may relax and enjoy your trip to the fullest with curated adventures, personal encounters, activities, and dining, that have been finely tuned over our two decades in the region.

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"A monk took us to a big room and they gave us tea, robes and towels. We ate dinner which was a huge selection of all vegetarian food sorted into neat boxes. It was kind of funky but I liked some of it. There was a special tofu that was like pudding and really good. At the end we got some water used to cook the noodles and put it in a cup with a cherry blossom. It was very interesting and tasted like an old watery drink that was a little sweet..."
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