Past Traveler's Comments

Here are but a few comments received since we began in 1994. Please contact us for references in your area or by the type of trip you are planning, such as a family journey in Vietnam.

quoteThis my first email since returning from our trip which ended yesterday afternoon. In the beginning I must admit I had a little trepidation about dealing directly with a travel company as we have always been "self-planners." So, I am pleased to tell you that from the minute we were met by your agent "Duke" in Hanoi until the plane took off from Bangkok we had a perfect tour, one not remotely possible had we planned. Great job!
—Tom & Sharon Schilling
quoteWe have traveled the world over and by any standard of measurement this was one of the most interesting trouble-free trips we have ever taken. Every single guide was knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, on time and went out of their way to insure our well being and comfort. Not only did we see great sights....we also got a history lesson about the area from each guide. We always seemed to beat the hordes of other travelers and our guides gave us a great insight about the background and culture of the area. The sights were incredible and as unique as any in the world. The hotels were as good as we have ever stayed at, the food was uniformly outstanding and at the end of each day we went to bed with the satisfaction we had seen the very best the area had to offer and with anticipation of the adventure of the next day. Suffice to say we were completely happy with the way you and your people performed, it was beyond our highest anticipation. Thanks for making it possible for us to have such a wonderful travel experience.
—Bill & Karen Skinner
Enjoying a private sampan cruise in the Mekong Delta
quoteThank you for the special moments in Hanoi, we will always remember our time there.
—Larry Page

A great trip, everything was as good as it could get. The internal flights,travel arrangements,etc were as scheduled. the guides met us took us and delivered us. Could not have been better. A couple were a challenge on their pronunciation but all knew there subject and they all bent over backwards to accommodate our every wish. We saw it all and did it all. As you predicted no mosquitoes, so malerone was stopped early. The transportation, bus, boat, plane and by foot worked great.

The choice of hotels was perfect (except in Luang Prabang where our first choice was full). All in all the rooms, the food, the time at each location the coordination were perfect. The boutique hotel in Chiang Mai was a highlight. I have been around but far and away you have done a spectacular job for us and we will not be bashful about telling that to all our friends.

From a personal point of view I have to say Vietnam sticks in my mind. You don't just visit Vietnam, you experience it. You see the country, the people, the past and the future and you cant avoid doing a lot of thinking. You empathize with Cambodia,you get excited about Laos, Thailand is fulfilling but Vietnam gets under your skin. My most memorable spots Hoi An and the Delta. And I could go on but enough said. Again, thanks for a great trip and we all share that feeling.
—Dr. Norm Carabet

Couple enjoying cyclo tour of Hanoi

quoteWe have had a fantastic trip. We are in Mawlamyaing and will be going out soon to find a Japanese locomotive, what is left of the Railway of Death, and the pagoda where Kipling wrote his poem, etc. Tin Htut is with us. He certainly knows his English literature! Thein Zaw has arranged another meeting with Min Ko Naing just before we leave. We want to thank him for his interview a couple weeks ago…and just chat with him.
—Dr. Al Campbell
quoteWe asked you if a family of four, with an infant and young boy, could have a holiday cycling in Vietnam and you sent us to the Mekong Delta. Well I'm pleased to report a family can indeed have a great time. One and all enjoyed the adventure, activities, food, boating and the lovely Victoria Resort. Thanks for making our holiday a success.
—D. Bellingham

As you had implied would happen, we were enchanted with La Residence and now want to stay with this chain wherever possible. The hotel surprised us with a complimentary upgrade to an Executive Suite with fruit and flowers. We attributed this surprise to and later found out it was because of the manager's relationship with you."
—Richard Bernstein

quoteWonderful trip, the best guides we've ever had — wouldn't have changed one thing about our trip. Thanks so much!
—Charles & Gwen Bailey

As "solo" travelers, we were surprised that is was the wonderful Vietnamese escorts we spent time with during our trip that we felt were the most wonderful part of the time spent there. We are already discussing our return plans.
—Karen & Bill Jeffries

Visiting fisherman on Halong Bay

quoteWe had an incredible trip. While on the airplane home we tried to think of one minus about our trip and could not come up with one thing. Great job. We usually go to some place new every year but are considering Vietnam again next year and almost wish we could move there for awhile. Many thanks.
—Dr. Paul Kissner
quoteI apologize that it has taken me so long to contact you after our most wonderful trip!! Greg and I have both had the good fortune to travel extensively and we both said that this was the best vacation of our lives! We were soooooo impressed with the tour that you established for us. It was beyond our expectations! We both fell in love with the Vietnamese people and it was because of your expertise, and that of your colleagues & guides, that made that possible.
—B. Geibert
Phu's Vietnam Honeymoon
quoteAlthough we are only halfway through our trip, this is the best honeymoon we could ever have imagined. The service and staff are amazing and we can't thank them enough for everything they have done.
—Phu & Erica N.

We had a wonderful time in Vietnam. Your guides were the best, especially enjoyed Diep because of her interest in cooking and food. Like going out to dinner with her. You have a great crew of guides, they were all very nice to be with. The trip went off without a hitch — thanks to all your good planning. The hotels you picked were just fine and we especially liked the Angkor Village in Cambodia. Best regards and thanks again for a fine organizing job and to all your great guides!
—Larry Williams

Bicycling tour of Mandalay in Myanmar

quoteWe just want to thank you for arranging such a fantastic trip. The guides were wonderful. the hotels all we could ask for and the food, as you said it would be, was excellent. If you need us for an endorsement, we're available!
—Arthur Solomon
quoteIn fact, Patrick was able to get me linked up with Min Ko Naing who is the next most important person in Myanmar behind Aung San Suu Kyi. That interview was eye opening. Of all the places that I have seen overseas, Myanmar was the best for many, many reasons.
—Dr. Al Campbell
quoteMany thanks for organizing an exquisite trip for Dan and me. Everything went extremely smoothly and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The accommodation was top-notch, and such a treat. Many thanks, as well, for the lovely gifts - T-shirts, and the beautiful wooden carved bowl. Very nice souvenirs of a wonderful trip! Well done!
—Frances McDonald

Well, I just have to say our trip was perfect. The guides and drivers that you provided were wonderful and so nice. I felt so safe and cared for. It was a great trip and so educational. I was nervous about Vietnam but as soon as I saw Lam, I knew all would be well. We have recommended you to many of our friends. I hope that they will give you a call. Thanks for a trip of a life time.
—Martha Cole

Enjoying a Russian vintage motorbike tour of Hanoi

quoteI want to thank you and Viet for such a good trip. Douglas and I had a great time and the tour guides and driver were great. Mr. Anh was a perfect tour guide. When I tell people about him taking us to his house for dinner with his wife and family they just can not believe it. If you every need a recommendation for your Tours just let them get in touch with me. Again I would like to thank you.
—Ron Green

We had a wonderful time. The selected sites and itinerary was just perfect. It was a great blend of the new SE Asia, the emerging SE Asia and the traditional SE Asia. Each location was very different from the last, the memories are all different and wonderful. Food was delicious, tour guides were wonderful and the sites were all enjoyable to see. We did not leave any location wishing that we had more time, our time in each city was maximized and full.

My favorite memories are kayaking in Halong Bay and seeing the procession of monks at daybreak in Luang Prabang. Our favorite "shopping" experience was the contemporary art gallery, Art Vietnam in Hanoi and the night market in Luang Prabang. We have already told our friends how important you were in making this such a memorable experience for us.
—Mark Linvill

Hiking in northern Laos on a family tour

quoteWe had a wonderful time and Indochina Travel and its in-country staff were fabulous. The accommodations were first rate; meals and cooking classes met our fondest expectations. Thanks for a wonderful experience and memorable adventure.
—Karen and Lou Carson
quoteThe trip was amazing, I really enjoyed the remote places we went and the crew did a great job. Looking forward to the next one.
—Matt Dillon
quoteI can't thank you enough. We all had a wonderful (emphasis on wonder) family trip. The itinerary was well planned, the hotels were all great, providing rest from the hectic pace all around, the biking portion of the trip was a fabulous adventure and the best way to experience the country, and the guides were professional and interesting. We had so much fun together, learned a ton, and laughed all the time. Thank you again.
—J. Leiberman
quoteWe have returned from our trip and wanted you to know how very much we appreciated all your work and assistance. It was a flawless trip —accommodations, in country transit, and other arrangements. We were particularly pleased with our guide in Hanoi, Le Truong Lam – he did an exceptional job and you are lucky to have him as part of Indochina Travel. Thanks again for making this so memorable an experience.
—Irene and Dick Spero
quoteHiroshi. Great meeting you. Our trip to Naoshima was incredible! Very inspiring.
—Ralph Pucci
quoteWe got home yesterday from our perfect Vietnam and Cambodia experience. Trip was fabulous! Thank you so much for planning such a great itinerary for us. You were right, being there for TET was a unique experience, a highlight, especially having TET with our guide's family. I'm happy to share more details or answer any questions, should you want more info. Next project: preview 1,000 pictures and get over jet lag.
—Linda Baker

Our trip, while tiring, was a grand success, and we are very pleased with the itinerary, guides, and accommodations. The arrangements were uniformly excellent, and all transfers and hook-ups with drivers/guides went without a hitch. Everyone was extraordinarily helpful, solicitous, and kind. We are, frankly, not used to such good treatment and were often embarrassed by being waited on hand and foot.
—Dr. David Cohen

Bicycling in Tokyo during family tour of Japan


Home, safe and sound! I would like to thank you and all the folks at Indochina Travel for arranging an absolutely awesome trip for me! I only wish I could have stayed longer. The property in Cambodia we simply out of this world and I felt like a queen (and enjoyed the best bananas flambe I have ever tasted). Thank you also for the changes to our itinerary both before we left and once we were on the road. Mai was exceedingly helpful, resourceful and very responsive. My favorite part of the trip would have to be the home stay in the White Tai Village. I would love to go back and stay longer. Our guides were absolutely wonderful. Hats off to Fong, Long and Mr. Tye (in Cambodia - I am sure I have spelled names wrong). They were both gracious, accommodating, informative and fun. All four of us had a very fun time with Long. He proved to have a wonderful sense of humor that complimented Debbie's sense of humor wonderfully.
—Bev Oattes

quoteWe have arrived back home safely and we are still dreaming of our wonderful vacation in Laos and the rest of Indochina. Thank you again for your generous hospitality during our visit to Luang Prabang. Your personal attention and your lovely gifts are greatly appreciated. Please will you give our regards to our wonderful guide Seng when you are able. Kind regards, —Saskia and Dionisio D'Aguilar (Bahamas Minister of Tourism)


I have returned from Vietnam and want to thank you for helping to put together what turned out to be an amazing experience. All the details unfolded flawlessly and the two guides I had were fabulous. Thinh in Hanoi and the North was delightful and brilliant. She knew everything and I felt as though we were friends after our 8 days together. Phong in Hue and Hoi An could not have been more different in style but was also great and really knew his stuff. He had a very colorful way of presenting information and I enjoyed him.
I can not say enough about Vietnam, I loved every aspect of it. And the plan you put together, I think, gave me a great overview of different areas and what the country has to offer. Many people have asked me how I managed to put together such a great trip and I tell them that I worked with your company. I am happy to sing your praises and appreciate very much your time and energy in working with me to arrange a truly memorable journey. Thanks again.
—Martha Davis

Meeting with monks in Mandalay, Myanmar


I am pleased to report you were correct that we not only could but that cycling with our younger children would be a highlight of our trip! The people encounters you organized and the school visit were wonderful as well. Thanks for the thorough planning and execution of a trip we will never forget!
—Janet & Clive


Just to let you know that we are back from Vietnam and had a wonderful holiday and have to thank you and your team for the special ‘guidance’ that made our trip fabulous! We have traveled extensively around the world and this is the first time we have ever gone through a ‘tour manager’ and were full of skepticism about being herded around... Well, we were relieved to discover it was in fact more enriching than it would have been on our own. So thanks again. And I will recommend Indo China Travel to friends from India who plan to visit the region. There’s is a list building up already!
—G. Chowfla

Visiting a sumo stable in Tokyo on a family tour of Japan

quoteThanks for a wonderful trip. We were very surprised how smoothly our trip went. Our only disappointment is we could not take our guide "Tex" home in Chiang Mai home with us -- most of our escorts were like family, not service staff.
—The Rudloffs
quoteWe had a wonderful, wonderful trip. Everything we planned went poorly. IN Hoi An, our escort's wife had given birth and he invited us to the public hospital to visit the baby... It was one of many amazing memories we took away from our trip.
—The Mattys
quoteWe thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Vietnam. The hotels were lovely and the tour guides were generally very good. Thank you very much for your help in arranging our trip.
—Winnie Ooi

I've been giving myself a little time to integrate everything we saw and felt on our trip. The very "short" version is it was WONDERFUL. You all did GREAT! Thank you for making this such a wonderful, fantastic trip for us. If you want or need photo's I have many.... Happy New Year and my best to all of you.
—Linda and Vito

Bamboo boat ride during Vietnam family tour

quoteWe had such a amazing time in Vietnam (my now favorite country!) with Mr. Tien and Trieu that my husband and I are thinking of doing another one. Thanks!
—M. Ono

Dear Tree, Mai, and Patrick, Carole and I return to Seattle tomorrow. From us, and from our entire assortment of kids, friends, and fellow-travelers, we send you an enormous THANKS for an unforgettable Viet Nam trip. We could not have been more pleased with the arrangements, accommodations, and advise about what to do and see. Our guides, Lam and An, were expert, cheerful, knowledgeable, and unfailingly helpful, and our drivers skilled and friendly. Viet Nam exceeded our expectations in every way, and we feel fortunate that there's still much to see. You can be sure that, when we see the rest, you'll be booking the trip. Please let all who helped us along the way know how much we appreciate everything done for us. David's parting remark, as he left for Japan: "best family trip--ever!"

Again, many thanks,
—Alan Fine

Family tour of Mount Koya, Japan


I want to thank you and you staff for putting together an excellent tour. As a college humanities professor, it is advantageous for me to travel overseas. What I learn beyond the textbook is critical. All of our trips to India, Nepal, Tibet, French Polynesia, Easter Island, Chile, Egypt, Mali, Morocco, and South Africa were trips planned by my wife and me. We don’t go on group trips--ever. However, going to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand for five-weeks was too much of an undertaking for us to plan. Well, our actual tour from the beginning to the end was superb. The people that we met in all those countries were absolutely friendly and wanting to assist us in every way. They were everything that you said they would be. Without exception, they were the nicest people we have met on all our journeys. In addition to teaching history, philosophy, ethics, and world religions, I teach art history. I went to Tahiti to find out if Paul Gauguin was correct about the French Polynesians being both beautiful physically and emotionally. He was correct, but the people we met on our tour were even nicer than those in French Polynesia.

I told you what I wanted to see on our trip, and your itinerary was far more than I expected. The places and people were beyond what I could have imagined. The guides knew the history and stories of all the places we visited. I’ll never forget their help in making me more knowledgeable about that area of the world. Again, thanks for providing us a truly wonderful personal tour.
—Dr. Al Campbell

Famly tour of Kyoto, Japan

quoteWe had an absolute wonderful time during our trip. We just got back yesterday and wanted to let you know that everything worked out with amazing perfection. We loved the countries, the people, the food, the hotels and our guides. Everything was perfect. THANK YOU for making it a memorable vacation for us.
—Pepe and Wendy
quoteOur trip went very well and all arrangements were extremely smooth. The Silk Path Hotel was very nice; the staff service excellent, the rooms very nice, and the restaurant food very good. Our guides (and drivers) for both the city tour and our Halong Bay Cruise were excellent. Of course you know what a "star" Lam is, so he made the bay cruise just wonderful. The food on the boat first rate!! Thank you for everything you did for our Vietnam Nursing Project. We really appreciate your services.
—G. DeBourgh
quoteI want to thank you, and your teams - for all of your help and work to provide us with a spectacular and memorable vacation in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, and visit with our son. Every portion and leg of the trip was expertly arranged for and executed. We had an amazing trip and a family experience. Dave, who lives in the Nan Province in the north of Thailand was able to work with the Guides, arranged for us by Patrick, to heighten our local, indigenous experience with views that will be cherished for our lifetimes. We thank you for making each portion of an extensive trip. The flights, hotels, shopping, food, the temples and local living environments were made available to us with style, information, respect for the residents while enriching our view of the world. Both of you, and your teams are great and we will definitely be coming back to So. East Asia and with your services. You are the best!
—Bernie McGovern

Performing with Hanoi theater troupe during Vietnam family tour

quoteI have unexpected access to Internet while at a very nice hotel in Mandalay. We are well and VERY happy with this trip. It hasn't yet been a week in country, and we feel like we've seen and learned so much. We have a WONDERFUL guide. Her name is May, and she is a 37-year-old university educated woman who has been guiding across the country for at least nine years. She has adapted our itinerary to meet our interests, and we've spent a lot of time in villages where she knows people. We see how they live, and what they do to support their families. The traditional lives are focused on a given crop, product, or service.
quoteWe've seen too many things to set out in this short e-mail before breakfast, but suffice it to say it's been fascinating. We also went to the local market day, colorful with all the tribes at the market, and a real array of fruits, veggies, and fish. Inle is also very unique for both the methods of fishing on this shallow, large lake, and for the "floating gardens." About 70 years ago someone figured out how to combine the water hyacinth (which is a weed in the Delta at home), flowers, and mud from the lake bottom, to make large gardens that literally float!! They are about 5-8 feet wide, and hundreds of feet long. You can walk on them and the rise up and down as you walk, but are great for tomatoes and dozens of other vegetables. We've learned a lot about Buddhism (might convert :) and have seen beautiful pagodas, temples, and other historic sites. Waaay to much to tell, but all great. The food is super, and we try lots of different things. We have stayed 100% healthy. Anyway, time for breakfast before we start out on another 10-hour day of learning about this great country, its people, and its rich history. We miss you all (not really that much).
—Ric & Marilyn Haas

Cooking class in Siem Reap, Cambodia

quoteDear Canh: Jeffrey and I wanted to send this photo of the group with the cycling club we met at morning exercise after the flower market. Wow, we are very grateful to you for showing us around the North. We both felt that your thoughtful and intelligent insights and guiding were way above and beyond! You set the table so nicely for our Vietnam tour, we look forward to staying in touch with you. Please let us know if you are coming to NYC, we would love to see you again. We are cc:ing Patrick because we want him to know what a superb job you have done for the whole group. We can confidently say the whole group shares our sentiments! Best regards, and we hope you enjoy your Tet holiday!
—Jill and Jeffrey Baker

First, let me thank you for arranging such a wonderful adventure for us. Despite the colder weather in Nong Khiaw and Muang Ngoi, we had a wonderful time there. A real bright spot in all the travel to and from there, and also in Luang Prabang was our guide, Boon Savat. He was a delight in all circumstances, eager, boyish, informative, and very open about himself and his society and culture. Savat was an absolute jewel --- there when we needed him, very informative, but not pushy, organized but also flexible. His charm and upbeat nature overcame the cold and overcast times. The plan to drive up to Nong Khiaw and boat down was perfect. And we also loved the excursion up and down the Nam Ou to and from Muang Ngoi, with the stroll to the village. The guide there too was good. He too had been a monk and had been educated but returned to his town. Thanks again for urging us to come here and thanks again for suggesting Myanmar and making such good arrangements. Tomorrow we'll be visiting craft villages, which are high on our list.
—Dr. Stephen Lerner

Traveler enjoying baci welcoming ceremony in Luang Prabang, laos

quoteA short note to thank you guys for planning such a wonderful trip. It was a great trip and we had a fantastic time. Our guide, Paul, in Siem Reap was delightful. He explained the stories with such detail and humor. We enjoyed our tours with him and he was very gracious and kind. We loved Luang Prabang. It was quiet and soothing. We had an amazing dinner there - probably the best meal of the entire trip. Our guide was not as great as Paul, but he was good. (We thought him a bit opinionated in some of his commentary). Both hotels were lovely and the service was excellent. We loved the elephant encounter in Laos and the special welcome ceremony in a local home. That was the highlight of the trip for my son. He got a little "templed" out but remarkable meeting the monks. Thanks again for putting this trip together and making it such a memorable experience. Your professionalism was top notch all the way.
—Best wishes, Elizabeth Paik
quoteThis is a very overdue thank you for a FANTASTIC trip!! We and I and our kids thoroughly enjoyed our trip!! You did a fabulous job directing us where to go, setting everything up, creating unique experiences, and providing lovely tour guides to make our experience a most memorable one! It was truly outstanding. We have all fallen in love (or more in love for me) with SE Asia - Vietnam and Cambodia are just spectacular, and we will look forward to returning. I have already recommended you to several friends, whom I hope will be adventurous enough to call you!! I really want to thank you for all of your attention to detail, and patience. We will be talking about the trip for years to come.
—Lisa Myers

We have been meaning to write ever since we got home last week to say a great big thank you for helping us put together such an awesome honeymoons! The trip was just outstanding. All of the hotels were over the top awesome! The guides were invaluable and we really enjoyed getting to know them, as well. Chit in Laos was particularly outstanding. He invited us to his home for the Baci ceremony. He and his wife and family invited about a dozen villagers over for it. And because we had just gotten married, they made the ceremony even more special, which was awesome. Afterwards his wife prepared an incredible meal for us. So we felt especially fortunate to have this experience! All of the gifts along the way were also wonderful. What wonderful little surprises at each stop. We will especially enjoy the beautiful chop sticks that Lam gave us in Hanoi. So thank you!
—Amy Sailer

E-bike bicycling tour of Mai Chau, Vietnam

quoteThank you so much for a great trips. It was so organized and we saw so many interesting sites and met many wonderful people. Our guides (all three) just made the trip. They were so attentive,patient, caring and knowledgeable and were there for everything we needed. We would recommend each one any time to a new client and if we return, we would request them again. We were pleased that you encouraged us to do the things we did and stay at the hotels we chose. Each one was memorable. Thank you again. If we can write any reviews for our guides or help in any way, please let us know.

With sincere appreciation
—Dan and Sara Akerlund
quoteThank you... Derek and I had a wonderful time on our Indochina Tour! Thank you so much for organizing our amazing trip. We want to especially compliment our guides in Laos and Cambodia. Chitt and his wife welcomed us into their home for a touching Baci ceremony and a gourmet multi course home cooked meal - incredible! Ngeth Samol in Cambodia was an amazing tour guide. He was extremely knowledgeable and informative about both ancient and recent Cambodian history. He cleverly arranged our tour of Angkor to make the most of the weather and crowds depending on the time of day. He was also very helpful in suggesting the perfect photo spots. We will never forget the sunrise over Angkor! Back to editing my 1800+ photos from the trip....
—Dominika & Derek Motas

Sue and I are still aglow from our wonderful trip to Indochina! The trip was so wonderful that Sue are quite receptive to more third world travel (or whatever one calls travel outside North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, etc.). As you may recall, we traveled to India and along the Silk Road about five years ago, so in part as a process of elimination I have begun to look at Africa and South America. The two destinations that catch my fancy are East Africa in Peru/Galapagos. Five years ago, I located you on the Internet and perceived that you were able to offer private travel for a whole lot less than the likes of A&K and GeoEx. I subsequently discovered that, apart from cost, your trip was almost certainly better than what they would have provided.

Teaching English in Hanoi, Vietnam

With much appreciation,
—Sue and Burt Zwick

quoteI wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous time in Myanmar. With the exception of a few unforeseeable and minor flight delays, it was smooth sailing. Min, our guide, was excellent. Very knowledgeable, energetic, and professional. Since a few of us were suffering from colds. Min bought us "local" cough drops and herbal medicine which we appreciated. He also candidly shared his views about the political situation which was fascinating. All in all a great trip to a very special country that is changing rapidly-- politically, socially, and economically, that we were glad to see it before too much change occurred.
—Margaret Fujioka

A bit of a stab in the dark to get someone from west coast of the States to arrange a major holiday, but we are back home after a most enjoyable trip. Very impressed with all the itinerary and admin you arranged, we ended up with exactly the sort of holiday we had been looking for. Our local guide was very good. Though she occasionally struggled with English was far more than offset by her enthusiasm, knowledge and depth of understanding. She was certainly Miss Fix It. After a day or two we just took it as a given that we would have the best vantage point, best table for lunch etc etc! Exceptional service at the very end. We were in Bagan on the Air Bagan plane back to Yangon for our Bangkok flight when there was an issue with the plane and we were off loaded. 20 minutes later we were in the air on a Yangon Air flight. Still don’t know what strings she pulled – but brilliant! We were the only people to get a transfer. Thanks – well done!
—Dr. John Thirwell, London

meeting hilltribe woman in Sapa, Vietnam

quoteIt's two months since we got back from our trip, and the re-entry into normal life has delayed an e-mail to you. We had a wonderful trip and the guides were amazing. We particularly enjoyed Bell in Hanoi, Indochina Junk in general in Halong Bay (the food was wonderful, and I don't think we saw another boat until the very last day), and Vy in Angkor Wat. Tuong in Hue and Hoi An, and Sing in Laos were great as well. Except for one meal in Hue and the Christmas dinner in Hoi An, every tour and meal in Vietnam were exceptional. Our guides really provided different perspectives on life in their respective countries, as well as different experiences. We thought we could have used another day in Angkor Wat (because it was so hot and overwhelming), and perhaps a day less in Laos. We meant to write sooner, but thank you again to you and your team for a wonderful, action-packed, and over-all seamless vacation.
—Best, Margot and Joel Stokol
quoteI wanted to thank you for organizing our trip to Cambodia, Laos and Thailand back in December. Jill and I had the most amazing trip! Our favorite part of the trip was Cambodia and the guide we had made that part of our trip... Sam! We are still in touch with him via email.
—Shanna Tingley

Jon and I wanted to thank you for arranging for us what was one of the the memorable trips we have ever done. From start to finish all went smoothly and the trip exceeded our expectations. We have fallen in love with Myanmar, the country, the people, the food. Our guide Ouza was fabulous. She was knowledgeable, helpful and fun. The birthday surprise for Jon of visiting a monastery was great. He was truly touched. Our only disappointment was that our balloon ride was canceled, but that is out of anyone's control. You were both a pleasure to work with and I hope we will be arranging another trip. We will course recommend Indochina Travel to our friends and family.
—Annabel Bassin

Enjoying a private cruise on Halong Bay, Vietnam

quoteAt every turn, they have been organizing wonderful outings, delicious food and exciting experiences for both us and the kids. Diep is intelligent, loving to the kids, warm, respectful and on top of every detail. She is truly amazing! The girls all adore her! Lum is very knowledgeable and is always working seamlessly with Diep to make our days perfect. I could not imagine being with two better Vietnamese guides. They have gone beyond the call of duty at every point and are wonderful.
—Ashley Milliken

I just wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic trip. All of the guides and drivers that we had in all 3 countries were fantastic – very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and just really nice people. Everything that we did was great and organized to a tee. We really enjoyed everything and had some amazing experiences. Many thanks to you and your team. Kind regards, Louise Massey and Family
—Louise Massey and Family

Meeting a farmer in Vietnam

quoteWe are just back today from our holidays - what a brutal awakening! It is 25 degrees and snowing here in Chicago. What a contrast from the last three weeks. We wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you, thank you, thank you, for organizing such a beautiful and special trip. The experiences that the guides shared with us were fantastic and we will never forget the amazing and strong people we met. And we were treated so unbelievably well by the guides. I will take time to let you know more about our impressions but wanted to say thank you for everything. We loved it!
—Kathryn Balcerski
quoteJust wanted to let you both know how pleased we are with everything so far. Hanoi is wonderful, and it was a treat to spend some time with Diep. Lam is wonderful and he is taking us to places that are off the beaten track, just as we want. Mr T is an excellent driver, and we are amazed that he can maneuver the van around the other cars, buses, and motorbikes! We can't wait to get to Halong bay tomorrow! More to come!
—Karen & Rick Stern

Happy thanksgiving, and also thank you for your kind note and the T-Shirts. Despite typhoons and constant airline mishaps (to cap it all off it took 42 hours to complete our trip from Hong Kong to San Diego), we had a wonderful trip! We can’t thank you and your team/extended network enough.
—Kevin Werner

Visiting local girls in Mai Chau

quoteWe are back in Shanghai after a fabulous trip to Southeast Asia! Thank you so much for all of your help making it happen. We had so many wonderful experiences, and everything was so easy. Our guides and activities were great. I can’t believe that we’re only a few weeks away from our Myanmar trip.
—Susan Touchton family
quoteWe arrived home safely in LA. Thanks for arranging a terrific trip. The people on the ground were great; very smooth trip. A fascinating part of the world, as you know best. Happy New Year.
—Jon Sokoloff family

Rick & I arrived back in the US last night, and although we are still uncertain what day it is, we are well! We will write a more detailed email once we pull ourselves together, but we wanted you to know that the trip was everything we had hoped for and more! Our guides, drivers, and itineraries were wonderful! We were especially grateful for our hotel upgrade at the Peninsula in Bangkok -- we suspect you had something to do with that, and the room was amazing!!!! Thanks for everything - we will be in touch soon!
—Karen & Rick Stern

Visiting with veteran pilot in Hanoi, Vietnam

quoteYou've done it again. We could not believe such a long, complicated travel plan was completed without any issues. We love you guys!
—Ric and Marilyn Haas (Indochina '12 & Yunnan and Tibet '14)

Teen learning crafts in Chiang Mai, Thailand during family tour

quoteHiroshi! We miss your company... We have a lifetime of memories of the moments with you. Alex and Sydney are still raving about the food. We appreciated the kindness you showed our family and how special we felt with you. We could not imagine anyone else showing us what Japan is really like.
—Karen and Bill Sanders

Hi Tree! Greetings from the Nam Hai (after a long Thai massage) : ) I just have to give my compliments and thanks for this amazing trip you and Patrick planned for us. It has been so fun, comfortable, and has flowed smoothly. Both Caan and Quin have been excellent guides as have been the drivers. The restaurants and accommodations, the biking in the countryside, the cooking class today in Hoi An have been way above my expectation for sure. Certainly, the Vietnamese people and the food have been fantastic.
—Bernard Gasch

Family rickshaw ride in Tokyo, Japan

quoteHi Patrick, June and I were in Ecuador, Peru and Chile for a three week trip this year and will be in Iceland, Norway and Denmark in August. When people ask me my favorite trip I mention three... Vietnam, Kenya/Tanzania, and Israel. All the best.
—Bob Kailes

Our second trip with you and this one to Bhutan was most enjoyable. If anything, the trip was too short and wished we could have stayed longer. Your hotel choices were wonderful.
—Dr. Ken Taymor

Family tour of Angkor, Cambodia

quoteHi Patrick, We are now safely back in the U.S., having arrived early this morning. We couldn't let a day pass without thanking you for planning such a fabulous trip for us!! Already we are talking about a return trip to Indochina. (We are looking at Myanmar and Cambodia). No doubt when we do, we will use Indochina Travel again and will certainly recommend your services to others. Many thanks again!!
—Jeanine & Greg

Well here we are just back in Canada and are suffering from withdrawal symptoms already. Asia was wonderful with all its richness of color, cuisine and cultures: so good for the soul. Our favorite places had to be Hanoi and Myanmar, followed by Mumbai, the Maldives and Galle in Sri Lanka. Can't say how surprised we were to open our drapes at the Taj to see the Gateway of India directly below!

Hanoi and Myanmar were the most memorable. Yes, the Metropole was a stunning "must " and the city historically fascinating. But the icing on the cake were Lam, Fiona and Hien. All are what we call leaders....not just rote tour people...but people who deliver more than expected . We will always remember our dinner arranged by Fiona at Hien's home and Lam's energy and expert knowledge of his country. We can still see him waiting for us at the Hanoi airport, red roses in hand and the fast tracking process that got us out of the airport before the crush of other travelers on the other six planes that taxied in at the same time.

As for Myanmar, it reminds us of Asia 40 years ago. While you added Mount Popa to fill in that extra time, it was brilliant. It is more remote and lush and the view from our villa spectacular. And our visit to see the "nats" was a real eye opener. Nats, who knew? Luckily, we had the benefit of Nae, our guide a practicing Buddhist, who explained it all and has his own favorite nat. He is still single so we assume he is appealing for guidance on that front. You did tell us that by the time we finished, we would be templed out and you are right. By the time we hit Bagan we enjoyed the Aureum so much that we stayed there for much of the time. The ASEAN meetings were on there so we got the added enjoyment of special events at the hotel. Duncan even had a "wee meeting" with the Myanmar Minister of Tourism in the loo!!!

Lake Inle was a great way to end our trip. We were on a special mission to find the "old lady" of the Padaung tribe. She is related to a friend of ours, a doctor from Burma now living in Florida. We delivered some photos he had taken of him and the lady on a recent vacation there. She was so surprised and introduced us to all her family including two gorgeous granddaughters who wore the rings just below their knees. They were captivated by the word "hello" and kept saying it as we waved goodbye. In short, we are so taken by the people who live in Myanmar... for their authenticity and resourcefulness... perhaps coming from the day- to- day practice of Buddhism ? We have much to learn from them. We can only hope that future development there will not spoil the uniqueness of them as people and their surroundings. The addition of some 40 new hotels and the clear cutting we saw, gave us pause for concern. Tree, thank you again for a superb trip. Great memories. We wish you, Patrick and all your people the best. Cheers, Sheila and Duncan

Overall, we had an excellent trip! Don and I both loved Bhutan and Myanmar. Both countries are beautiful, each in their own way. They are also very different from one another, too. I think our main comment would be to say how wonderful our guides were. As we’ve discussed in the past, it’s really the difference between a good trip and great one. It was really nice to have the same guide for the entire itinerary. You get to establish a rapport and they get to know us. We thought both guides were very professional, knowledgeable and personable. We learned a lot from both of them.

Having said that, Don and I really enjoyed our Myanmar guide, Thiha, a lot. Maybe because we got to spend a bit more time with him, maybe because his English was a slight bit better, perhaps because we shared the same sense of humor. Thiha is also quite a good photographer—he gave Don some tips on using his camera—he shoots with a Canon camera as well. And, he also provided us a DVD with photos at the end of our trip as a souvenir. In all our travels, he’s only the second guide to do that. So, we have some instant memories of our trip!
—Irene and Don

quoteDear Indochina Travel: Chris and I had a wonderful journey. Thanks to you, everything was flawless (save the drive to Bumthang...oh, my!..and the canceled Bagan balloon ride...disappointing but the right call). All of the guides were superb (especially Thiha in Burma; Choki in Bhutan was also delightful...we may have been one of his first clients). The accommodations were top-rate in most cases, the special activities and personal service much appreciated.

Couple on hiking tour in Bhutan

We have sent along a few photos of us in our travels along the way; The first, when we reached the top of Cheri Monastery in Thimpu, next on our way to Tiger's Nest and last, lunch with Thiha along the Aye Yarwaddy River in Bagan. Chris and I thank you so very much for all the time and effort that went into the planning and execution of our travels. We will recommend Indochina Travel any time we can, and hope to travel again with you in the future. Best wishes,

David and I had the most amazing trip with so many memorable moments throughout our tour of these countries. The hotels were exceptional; the facilities were beautiful, and they vary in style and design. Truly, a feast for us. The staff were warm and welcoming; we felt pampered and indulged. Our guides were wonderful young men who were so committed to make sure that we were well taken care of and that we were able to experience the important highlights of their respective countries. They were sincere, personable and flexible. We could not have asked better. The drivers!! If you can navigate the traffic, I tip my hat!! They were extremely careful on the road. Finally, the selection of the restaurants was fantastic! We ate our way through Indochina and marveled at the level of sophistication at these great cities. Finally, the ease of going through visa/customs is priceless! We would very much like to revisit some of these places with our children in the future.
—Priscilla Chang

Visiting with monk in Hue, Vietnam

quoteFinally returned from a fantastic trip. I want to thank you very much for your personalized attention. Our guide was excellent and very knowledgeable. Your people took great care of us getting into and out of the airport avoiding unnecessary long lines at the airlines and customs. Your selection of restaurants was wonderful and the rooms at the Belmont were fabulous. Many many thanks for making our trip so memorable . Most sincerely,
—Steve and Miriam Edell

Angkor touring couple

quoteThe trip was great. The Guides were all very nice, attentive, knowledgeable, and courteous. Although we noticed that a few of the portions of the itinerary had to be changed (meeting of chefs and artists) the trip still was unique, interesting, customized to our pace, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Received your gift of the Burmese Cooking. Are you trying to entice me to go there for the next trip ? ; ) Thank you. It was very thoughtful. I’ll be in touch. Thanks again,

—Harold Lebwohl

Dear Patrick, We wanted to take a moment from our expertly planned and action packed trip to thank you for the lovely dinner we enjoyed at Le Elephant. It was such an unexpected surprise! As we sit on our veranda at the Belmont in Luang Prabang, we are so grateful for your wonderful advice and recommendations for our visit to Laos. We are blown away by the natural beauty and grace of this place and cannot thank you enough for the interesting activities you have suggested for us. We feel like we have had an exclusive view and experience of Laos thanks to you. Cheers and thanks!
—Ann and Steve Dobryman


To everyone, and especially Asami, who looked after us so well from Tokyo all the way through to Kyushu - thank you! You recommendations and planning were the best. We really apprciated having someone check-in with us on a daily basis and the dining suggestions and arrangements couldn't have been better. We will return!
—Beth and William Causeway

Boys on a family bicycle tour in Mai Chau, Vietnam


We've just returned, with nobody to meet us at the airport, check us in to our home, nor plan our dining... we want to go back! Thank you for the special trip and spoiling us at every moment, it truly made the trip enjoyable. Please give our regards, and thanks, to Chit, Roth and Lam!
—Linda & Tom Reynolds

quoteDear Patrick: We wanted to take a moment from our expertly planned and action packed trip to thank you for the lovely dinner we enjoyed at Le Elephant. It was such an unexpected surprise! As we sit on our veranda at the Belmont in Luang Prabang, we are so grateful for your wonderful advice and recommendations for our visit to Laos. We are blown away by the natural beauty and grace of this place and cannot thank you enough for the interesting activities you have suggested for us. We feel like we have had an exclusive view and experience of Laos thanks to you. Cheers and thanks!
—Ann and Steve Dobryman

Family tuk-tuk tour in Bangkok

quoteThank you for organizing this wonderful trip! Everything went according to plan. Hotels were very well selected and our guides very helpful in helping our entire family become better acquainted with the region. We really enjoyed the varied program including encounters with artists as well as visits to meaningful museums and silk farms. We are sorry to have missed Pralong Bay and Inle Lake. Hopefully will be able to visit again in the future.
—Roberto Junguito
quoteWe had an amazing trip!! There is so much that we did and would like to report back to you. Thank you for coordinating all of it. You have provided an outstanding service and there wasn't much that we would have changed. Certainly there were many things that we couldn't have done without you! We were very pleased with the Metropole Hotel in Hanoi and Duc was wonderful. We enjoyed his guidance and expertise, he was fun and made our trip!! Please let him know that we had a GREAT time with him. Mai Chau was beautiful and the boat trip to Halong Bay was also great. We were pleased with every detail of the two. Everyone working for Indochina Travel is outstanding including the drivers. boat staff, contacts...We had a nice time at Hoi An seeing the sights and having the experience of custom tailored clothing Hai would have been enjoyed greatly. Our guide Jun was very pleasant and nice and the driver Jun was skilled and very safe. We loved the Nam Hai and an additional day there would have been really nice. We enjoyed the bicycles, service and the atmosphere there. Thank you again for everything! We would highly recommend your services and use you again.
—Alyce Hallman

Dinner with artist in Hue, Vietnam
With artist Boi Tran, in Hue Vietnam

quoteWe are having a marvelous trip.the two guides (Nyuen & Mhin) and drivers have been exceptional! ! I really mean it! So far over 900 photographs taken. This is a wonderful country with special talanted people. They are happy, laugh a lot are just plain fun. Food is different, but delicious. Very sorry Patrick could not join us so I can really show him how to see and learn about a country. Lila gas done some damage as usual. Tops, handbags, pearls, beads, lacquer trays, embroidery paintings,etc., etc. May need a small loan when we get home! These guides are great!
—Lila & Steven Klausner

Sightseeing in Angkor Thom, Cambodia

quoteFirst of all I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making sure we were so well taken care of on our trip - everything was so thoroughly well thought out, it really went without a hitch. Secondly, I wanted you to know that all of the guides were really spectacular; we loved getting to know them and hearing their stories as well as all of the fascinating history they shared with us. They all had such love for their respective countries despite whatever hardships they had personally undergone. Thank you for everything - we will be recommending Indochina Travel very enthusiastically to our friends!
—Nicole & Garson Foos
quoteHarrison Ford in cycling helmetThank you for an adventure. The cycling routes were wonderful as was the delicious meals that were planned along the way. You were well organized, the crew did an excellent job and I enjoyed everything about the trip.

—Harrison Ford
quoteOverall, I would say the trip will be indelibly marked in my family's memory as the most educational in our lives. The trip left us all with a strong view about how lucky we have been in our lives and how very good people in other parts of the world have been significantly less fortunate but seem extremely happy nonetheless. Important lesson. Guides: It is here that IndoChina Travel really stood out. We found all of your guides to be extremely knowledgeable and, importantly, very good people. ^ The clear standout was Nin in Siem Reap. His life story was both heartbreaking and inspiring. His passion for the temples and the entirety of Cambodian culture and history was infectious. His humor and clear love of life brought the entire group along in his journey. He took us to a performance by a team of artists he used to work with, which was one of the top highlights of the trip.
—David & Meridith Manlowe

Family elephant camp visit in Thailand

quoteOutstanding experience on both the trip and Indochina Travel. Particularly impressive is their network of knowledgeable guides...they were all very experienced and sensitive to our needs and preferences. They were great about modifying things on the spot for us, and wonderful at sharing both their deep knowledge of history and culture and personal impressions of contemporary Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Getting to know our local guides was a critical part of this great trip. And to top it off, the food (from the street food to elegant restaurants) was fantastic.
—Sara & Jeffrey Lesk
quoteThank you for planning for us what turned out to be a trip of a lifetime for our family. We loved each of the beautiful countries we visited and the activities and experiences you planned for us. We also were most appreciative of each of our local guides who by the end of our stay in a particular country had also become our friend.
—Scott McKay & Famly

Foremost, you exceeded our already high expectations... it was, in all respects, the trip of a lifetime. From helping us patiently plan the perfect itinerary, to the absolutely wonderful guides, diveristy of activities, and exceptional people that we were introduced to, as well as the access and privacy (we felt many time we were the only people in places we went) all added up to a spectacular and special trip.
—Kristin & Cliff Armstrong


I want you to know how much Caroline and I have enjoyed our vacation. Your company did a terrific job of planning our itinerary and ensuring we would have a wonderful time. It has been a memorable vacation for both of us, and I have already started telling my friends they should visit Vietnam and they should use Indochina Travel to handle their trip. The main reason I am writing is to single out one of our guides. While all three of them have been great, Duc stands out above the others. He was truly exceptional. He showed us more than the finest tourist attractions, he showed us the real Vietnam. He took us to the best street food, showed us where in town the local people live, allowed us to have private meetings with local musicians and artists, and in Mai Chau he took us into the homes of local villagers where we drank rice wine with them, looked at their wedding photos, and helped them chase down mice in the rice paddies. Thank you again for a wonderful vacation!
—Caroline & Kevin Kelly

Atlas Obscura Vietnam food tour dining in Mai Chau


I thought you would all appreciate hearing how well the trip is going, and how thoroughly impressed we all are with the itinerary, the guides and of course, Vietnam itself. Quyen and Duc are wonderful.... Absolute pros, best guides I've ever had. They deal with details seamlessly and always with great attitudes. They do not miss an opportunity to have us see and taste something we have never heard of - including taking opportunities that come up on the fly, like the wedding preparations on our walk in Mai Chau. I’ve heard from almost every other member of the group how impressed they are - and we’ve all said so spontaneously.
—Elisa Richardson

quoteThis was my first visit to Vietnam after wanting to go there for many years prior. If I knew it was this serene, I would come much sooner. It totally changed the way I thought about this region since all my knowledge about Vietnam is through war movies and documentaries. It's the complete opposite of what I thought as the people here are the happiest ones I encountered in all my travels. We travel from Hanoi all the way south to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) visiting country sides, picturesque mountains, unbelievable coast lines, beaches, and culture rich cities. Our tour guides were amazing and full of knowledge which made our trip so much more enjoyable. I can't wait to come back to this part of the world as there are so many places I still love to visit.
—Donald W.

quoteCaveat emptor - I'm an easy going traveler, but very picky reviewer. That being said, if I were a picky traveler I think I would still give you guys a 7 out of 5 if I could. I loved every minute of Vietnam and everything you had planned. Obviously in your travels, as in life, not everything goes exactly to plan all the time. Like no, we could not foresee or stop the rain from falling. But yes it was possibly the most fun I had in many years traveling! In my case everything was made super smooth and headache free. All of the itinerary was managed and options were provided. There were no hick-ups or surprises and guides took great effort to ensure everyone was satisfied during the trip. Very outgoing, professional, and pleasant.

One of my favorite things about this trip was that I had the option to be as adventurous or laid-back as I wanted. This is great because I think everyone travels differently. And while some people prefer short easy rides every day, others want to gruel it out and reap the rewards. I literally can't wait for me next trip with you! Thanks again!
—Chris S.

Back home after an incredible month of travel! Trip of a lifetime. Would not change anything. Pace was excellent. Enough time to settle down in each location without being rushed (we did not come back needing a vacation from our vacation). Our May in Hong Kong was helpful and upbeat. Dinner at the Mandarin home in Hue was wonderful. Enjoyed jamming with the musician in Hanoi! Best food as you said, was in Hoi An as was the souvenir shopping (several bags filled). Hieu was great guide on the central coast. Ultimately, we did like Saigon. Angkor felt too long but enjoyable. The teak mansion in Luang Prabang was the best hotel we've ever stayed at. Nong Khiaw was a bit of a slog, but was our idea and loved traveling to remote villages by boat. The boutique hotel on the Chao Praya was exceptional - perfect location for walking.

- Ellen & Paul
quoteWe have traveled twice with indochinatravel. Once to Vietnam,Cambodia and Laos and the most recent trip to Japan. Both trips exceeded our expectations. Patrick and Tree-the owners-attention to detail is extraordinary. They took care of our every need-from helping us through passport control in Vietnam to making sure we got on the right trains in Japan. The trip to Japan was designed to give us a taste of their country. From Kyoto to Koyasan to Takayama to kenasawa to Tokyo-everything from their culture to the beauty of their country was exquisite. Their guides are kind, considerate and knowledgeable. What sets indochinatravel apart is how they handled a medical emergency. When my wife had a medical emergency, indochinatravel provided a private physician at a local office. This doctor was efficient,kind and allowed us to complete our trip. As Patrick and tree tam stated, trips are designed to allow you “to be on vacation”. As an aside-u.s. citizens need to take a lesson from the Japanese. Their country is clean-no garbage anywhere-including Tokyo-they are kind, there is very little violence (no guns) and their countryside is stunning. We have had the privilege of traveling throughout the world . Indochinatravel ranks with the best travel companies in the world.
—Dr. Gary M.
quoteAbove and Beyond A superlative experience on this our second trip with Indochina Travel... Especially pleased that the months of careful planning we had patiently made with them for our three-week trip in Japan not only went to plan, but far exceeded expectations. Our trip was not an easy one to plan, arranging to visit specific kilns in the Arita area, arranging an afternoon with a premier silk dyeing studio, to securing limited seating at two of Tokyo's top sushi bars, but for a few of examples. As with our past Indochina trip, our guides were very impressive, particularly Yuki in Kyoto, who seemed to know every back alley and secret spaces in even the most popular temples away from the crowds and quickly had a sense of what we enjoyed. Dining recommendations were spot-on and appreciated the wisdom of filtering our long list down into must-see places, experiences, and activities. Highly recommended and looking forward to our next trip with them.
— G. Brady
quote Indochina Travel exceeded our expectations in every way! An incredible trip that would not have been possible without the knowledge, insight and access that Indochina travel has mastered. We experienced the wonders of Southeast Asia through the wonderful people, sights, and cuisine while Indochina travel took care of all the details. Our travel and accommodations were were flawless we felt pampered and well cared for every step of the way.
—Kristin & Cliff

quoteDear Canh, Tung, and Quyet! We made it home safely after hours of travel. Very bittersweet to be back... glad to see everyone here at home, but sad to have left Vietnam and Cambodia. It was an incredible adventure that much more special after coming back.

What can I say? First, I have thank all of you again for a marvelous trip; we were always away from the crowds (how do you do it?), meeting incredible people every place we stopped, and the amazing dining you planned. Finally, the FANTASTIC guides and great travel companions!!! We couldn't have asked for more.

My heart is full... Glad to have met you all and hope to see you on the next trip. ❤️❤️ ❤️
—L. Lazarus


This was a long family trip (six weeks) for Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Japan which was a great success. Indochina Travel stood out from others we had contacted for their obvious experience with families but also far deeper knowledge of each destination. They took into account the interests of every one of our family and very unique suggestions and activities and places we each would enjoy most. My son enjoys cooking and was able to learn and cook in actual kitchens during our trip, for example.

Family biking tour of Tokyo

We often skipped popular museums and temples (good call!) and other popular tourist sites to explore more special places and enjoy the many people encounters they had planned. A highlight was visiting schools in each country where most children had never met foreigners - a delight. Complex dietary preferences were handled easily, with some guide’s knowing our likes before we arrived. Once traveling, we appreciated the smooth flow of the trip with VIP airport immigration and being able to message our local tour manager whenever we wanted to change pick up times and the like. Most appreciated: some days we could stick with the plan and Indochina Travel was super flexible in changing things up. Advice for other families - Japan can be much more expensive than anywhere else. Thank you!

- J. Sachs

Had a great time! Most enjoyable was the personal encounters you planned which we would never have thought of. Hong My was a delight for Jack, of course. Loved the private boat, thanks for the recommendation. All hotels were well-chosen. Dann at Angkor, one story: We walked 45 minutes at dawn through the jungles and around the temple to a secret entrance without seeing a person... fantastic. The elephant sanctuary in Laos as wonderful. We usually don't care for finer dining, but TUNG was very good.

- Ann & Jack

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